Option For Microsoft Excel Setting Customization (Option Tab)

Making over the whole tutorial easily understandable with help of images guideline how you can use Microsoft Excel with your best choice. Microsoft provide this tab to modify the setting what you want to set out. By following image guide to go for this work.

Microsoft Excel options provide following setting level or areas
1 – General
2 – Formulas
3 – Proofing
4 – Save
5 – Language
6 – Ease of Access
7 – Customize Ribbon
8 – Quick Access Tool bar
9 – Add-ins
10 – Trust Center

1 : General Setting:

By default the General tab is open when the pop appear they provide the general setting with different areas. More Detail cover in upcoming tutorials

1 – User Interface options (provide interface change setting)
2 – When create a New works books
Font size changing and font family mean appearance of text word change and sheet appearance setting in the last tells us number of list.
3 – Personalize your copy of Microsoft office
Set the user name change make in the following option & theme design setting.
4 – Privacy setting
Set provide setting of privacy synchronize from online account.
5 – Start up options
In this setting option what your need at start up time in Ms excel.

2 : Formula

In this tab have following option
1 – Calculation option
Automatic calculation and auto fill data in cell with maximum change and iteration ratio set.
2 – working with formulas
Option to autocomplete formula tables name in formula and Pivot table setting available
3 – Error checking
Set the background color on wrong entry of each cell in workbook
4 – Error checking rules
User already define rules on entire workbook and define reaction each and every thing define

3: Proofing

The proofing option to filtered data in a workbook cell. That have following further option to dig down.

1 – Auto Correction Option
This option provide the spell checking facility.
2 – When correcting spelling in Microsoft office program
Dictionary setting and ignore the word setting user also set the mode of checking sentence and dictionary language.
For more detail screen shot is following

4: Save

File saving option with format specifier much more thing explain in the current tab step by step

1 – Save Workbook
By using this section to set the location or files by default and number of mints to recover or temporarily save with files location and also file extension set in this section.
2 – AutoRecover Exceptions for
This option recover file automatically if checked.

3 – Offline editing option for document management sever files
This section provide the facility to mange your files saving or manipulation change synchronize with server automatically.
4 – Preserve visual appearance of the workbook
This section provide the facility to set the previous version of excel file color.

5: Language

Microsoft Excel provide the facility to set installed font with dictionary interlinking at different level explain below.
1 – Choose Editing language
In this section set the language to edit level your document.
2 – Choose Display language
In this section set the language to display level content.

6: Ease of Access

Microsoft provide the another customization feature to access by using following options.

1 – Make your document accessible to others
This section elaborated the the accessibility checker helps you find and fix context in your document that make it header for people with disabilities to consume your content. You can get from Review > Check Accessibility. Office can remind you about accessibility issue while you work by showing reminder in the status bar.

2 – Feedback options
In this section you give feedback on two ways first one is that feedback with sound if user check this option then cross pounding drop down enable to more specify the sound scheme is “Modern” or “Classic”. The second option of this section is that if check the user to provide the animated feedback.

3 – Application display option
This section provide the option to select the style of tool tip show the description against the feature in that drop down the next option to remove function description and third one of option in the same drop down is totally remove the tool tip. The next check box allow the user if check they show tool tip screen on any function. The next check box allow the user to show the start screen when application will be started.

4 – Documents display option
This section provide the facility to user the document default font size.
5 – Automatic Alt Text
If the check box is check then the help to change your text and sentence error automatically with your already selected dictionary area.

Further section or Tab will be discussed in next tutorial.

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