Option For Microsoft Excel Setting Customization (Option Tab) 3rd part

In this tutorial focus on upcoming “Ribbon Customization” tab of Microsoft Excel to facilitate from different angle in customization to fulfill your needs. For more detail following screen shot help to find and set them according to his need.

On selection the right side show list boxes fill on selected upper values or option. Left side first drop down allow you select the command from in cross pounding fill the below list.

For setting to use on screen then select the command and click to add button. This button is enabled only when select command.

Other side show Area of Microsoft excel show your option to be used later select in drop down after that the fill the below drop down list. In case of remove file then you select the command Click to between button Remove button.

Quick Access Toolbar

In this tab you set quickly access toolbar to enhance your speed of your work defiantly reflect on your performance. This tab look like below that have same in looking and usage the screen shot is given below.

For modification you are follow the above guideline nothing some thing new to elaborated again.


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