Option For Microsoft Excel Setting Customization (Option Tab) 2nd part

Before proceeding this tutorial please make sure to read a previous tutorial for best understanding otherwise lot of interlinked thing going to harder. On the second part of Option tab of Microsoft Excel to begin again deep inside tab with cross pounding section in this tutorial Elaborate further “Advance Tab” that show in following.

1 – Edit options

  • If you check the first checkbox they enable to modify in following drop down to set any direction in which (Up, Down, Right, Left) on his choice.
  • The second option to check inset decimal with rounding values automatically.
  • Next option if check then they allow to check further more checkbox work on if you drag drop any cell to other before doing this work alert pop up open to modify it or not if yes then do changes
  • Next checkbox allow you to directly edit cell if check then.
  • Allow to extend the data range formats & formulas on it.
  • The next option enable the automatic percent entry after the value.
  • Next option allow to fill cell automatically if check the option and further option checked then allow you to flash fill of cell data.
  • Next option if check to show the intelligence on every scroll with cross pounding data.
  • Option to checked out they show the alert if the time consuming operation occur on the sheet having on no of cell with a busy popup.
  • The next option allow to separate the values with decimal point and thousand separator by a comma.
  • you can set the movement of cursor is logical or vertical according to own choice to be set.
  • if the next option check the does not take screen shot of hyperlink.

Cut, Copy and Past

  • If check the first option then Microsoft Excel provide the facility to show past button when content to be pasted.
  • If checked show insert option button on cell
  • If the you can checked cut copy of cell from parent to child.

Image size and Quality

on work book opened then the option of image related enabled
1 – If the first check box is check then the don’t allow to edit image data
2 – If the second check box is checked then not insert compressed image in working work book.
3 – The next option to set the resolution of inserted image.


If the user checked this option produce Microsoft Excel high quality mode for taking graphic.


This section specially for chart setting that show over all progress against different type of data. Charts are mostly used to show the summary of huge amount of data that helpful in decision making.

  • If check the number one option show the name on hover assign by user.
  • If check the show the point values on hover
  • Properties follow chart data point for all new workbooks this option is marked then automatically apply on every workbook and select to start to apply them.
  • If you want to apply only current work book then check this option


This section provide the facility to set your display according to your need. The screen shot is given below.

If the option is following option is checked then action is elaborated in cross pounding.

  • First option to set how many workbooks log in recent tab.
  • Show the number of Work book that can quickly accessed.
  • show the unpinned recent document specify in the form of numbers.
  • The third one option to set ruler in (inches, cementer, millimeters).
  • This option disable hardware graphic acceleration.
  • Commenting on cell for more detail on your inserted data if you select further in which following first option for no comments and indicator next option to specify show comment on hover, the next option show indicator and comments on every option.
  • On next option you specify the direction from right to left or left to right anyone according your owner-able choice.

Display option for this work book

First of all select the workbook then following option enabled for setting your document at global level.

  • If you want to show horizontal scroll bar then checked this option
  • Same for vertical option then checked second option
  • If you want to sheet whole sheets in a workbook then checked this option
  • If user want to show group date in autofill menu then check the forth one option
  • If the user want to show object on screen then check All following option either checked nothing

Display option for this work book

Again Select the workbook to apply the following action or operations.

  • If first option checked then show the column name on each column
  • If checked show formula in cell instead of instead of their other result apply on single cell.
  • For sheet appearance right to left
  • Show the page break on a sheet
  • If this option checked then show zero value cells
  • If this option is checked then show all outline symbol if they applied on it
  • You want to display grid-line with your following selected color then checked this option


This section provide the formula adjustments or settings.

  • If you want to apply multi threaded calculation then enable the option with cross pounding further option like using number of processor usage and if your want to manually assign then go to next option
  • This option allow the user defined xll function on a computer cluster
  • In this option define cluster type with multiple options

When calculating this workbook

For specific workbook operation Microsoft provide following options.

  • If you want to update link to other document the will be referenced then checked this option.
  • If user wast to see as a precision then checked this option.
  • If user want to user Date format of 1904 then checked it.
  • User able to save external links by enabling this option.


In general level setting allow the user to apply for all document they provide further option below.

  • user easily disable the all other dynamic data exchange application by enable this option.
  • If you want to update link automatically then enable it.
  • This option show the add-in user interface error.
  • Scale your content for A4 size page or 8.5 * 11″ paper size then enabled it.
  • At the start up you define the link or path of web to open it.
  • For taking more advantage in processing to process your data by multi threading then enable this option maintain by defining custom list.


  • Disable-ling undo on large Pivot table refresh operation to reduce refresh time by giving time in milliseconds.
  • If you prefer the excel Data model when creating pivot table and Data connection.
  • Disable undo on large Data Model operation specify the file size.
  • Also enable to apply Data analysis add-ins like a power pivot, power view and 3D Map
  • If you want to customize automatic grouping of date/time column in pivot then enabled it.

Lotus Compatibility

Another big facility to define lotus in

  • Set Microsoft Excel Menu key and enabling transition navigation keys.

Lotus Compatibility Setting for

For more inner level setting in Microsoft Excel file first selecting by desired Excel workbook that have following option.

  • Transition formula evaluation (check to evaluate your result on data generated on applying Microsoft lotus).
  • Transition formula entry (set entry point)

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